Museum Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a valuable resource for the WFMA. Members of the Museum Advisory Board provide expertise and perspective to benefit the organization and build connections between the museum university and the community. Based on the Board’s Bylaws, the Board is not for governance, but rather guidance. With the advice and recommendations of the museum’s professional staff, the Board serves to make policy recommendations to the MSU Board of Regents. The Advisory Board has great value in serving the museum by advocating for the good of the museum and by maintaining accountability for finances and collections, by safeguarding the museum’s reputation, professionalism, and public trust, and by ensuring support and engagement in the museum’s exhibitions and programs. 2017 Museum Advisory BoardIMG_4153 Lola Pitzer, President Greg Merkle, Vice President Alice West, Secretary Nancy Marks, MSU Liaison Margaret Cummings Kristin Edwards Todd Giles, Ph.D. Lysle Huddleston Ann Marie Leimer, Ph.D. Bryant Medders Lynn Moran Eric Robb Jesse Rogers, Ph.D. Joline Wharton Linda Wilson