Wichita Falls Collects

11953315_763526263756494_128439466275164236_oPrivate Reception: September 10, 2015

Public Reception: Friday, September 11, 2015 5:30-7:30 pm   FREE to the public.

Curated invitational exhibition of artworks of American Artists of the past and present from collectors in the Wichita Falls area.   Sponsored by American National Bank & Trust.

“Wichita Falls Collects celebrates the joy of living with fine art, highlighting the significance of collecting for the artist and the community.”   Dr. Francine Carraro, WFMA Director

Live at the Lake Concerts 2015

Live at the Lake Concert Series for 2015

The concerts for the summer of 2015 drew record breaking crowds thanks to the new Ruby and Robert Priddy Pavilion at the WFMA at MSU.  Thank you to those who attended, the local entertainment and to Falls Distributing for their generosity throughout the summer.  We hope to see you next May!

Fall 2015 Welcome Reception

IMG_6925IMG_6926IMG_6916The WFMA at MSU hosted a Wine and Cheese Reception on August 19th to welcome the faculty of MSU back to campus.

Dr. Terry Patton, Dean of Dillard College of Business; Dr. Marilyn Fowle’, VP of Business Affairs and Finance; and Dr. Francine Carraro, WFMA Director visit with faculty.



Dr. Suzanne Shipley, MSU President visits with faculty at the welcome reception.





MSU Faculty enjoy the refreshments at the reception.

WFMA Permanent Collection

IMG_6221 Young at Art, The Caldecott Collection is one of many collections we have currently in our Permanent Collection.  This is one of the favorites of many visitors to the museum.  It is a collection of children’s book illustrations celebrating creativity, imagination and talent of 28 award winning artists.  The WFMA Permanent Collection currently has over 3000 art works.  Visit the museum soon to enjoy this wonderful collection up through July, 2015.

2015 Valentine Luncheon


Photos courtesy of Lauren Pinson Photography, Wichita Falls

View More: http://laurenpinson.pass.us/wfma A wonderful event sponsored by Neiman Marcus, Downtown Dallas, benefitting the WFMA at MSU.    Other sponsors include Salt & Pepper Restaurant, Wichita Falls; LolaHamptonDesigns, Wichita Falls; and friends of the WFMA at MSU.


View More: http://laurenpinson.pass.us/wfma View More: http://laurenpinson.pass.us/wfma View More: http://laurenpinson.pass.us/wfmaView More: http://laurenpinson.pass.us/wfma